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"Haley Griggs has the kind of fresh perspective we need in members of the school board. I am excited about the future with Haley and her background as a medical professional. Her pertinent experience makes her an ideal member of the District Five School Board Board."   -School Board Trustee Jan Hammond

"I am very pleased to endorse Haley Griggs for the open District 5 school board seat for Richland County. Haley is a district parent and a hard-working Nurse Practitioner. With her background, she will represent an important facet of our community - especially as we deal with a pandemic. One only needs to meet Haley to see that she is filled with enthusiasm and a positive outlook for our district."  -School Board Trustee Catherine Huddle

“As a professional educator and educational leader for close to 20 years, I understand the importance of having individuals of varied professional backgrounds serving as leaders in areas that impact our children.
"Haley's expertise as a medical professional makes her uniquely qualified to contribute knowledge that will empower parents and educational leaders to make informed decisions for all educational stakeholders. I believe Haley will be a wonderful addition to the Lexington Richland 5 School Board!”
-Dr. Kizzi Staley Gibson, Educational Professional & Candidate for SC Superintendent of Education
“I began teaching in District 5 in 1970. I’ve seen many changes over the years. Our Lexington-Richland 5 School Board would benefit greatly by having Haley Griggs serve on it.
“As a retiree since 2014, I feel Haley would be an excellent asset to our current board.”
-Penny Valek, Retired District Five Teacher
"I've been involved in civic activism in our community for quite a while and Haley Griggs is exactly what we need on the District Five School Board.
"This special election effects all of the citizens in both counties within District Five. Haley will get the results we need in the district and I strongly encourage the district's residents to get involved anyway they can to support Haley's election to the school board. This election is so important. Please join me in doing all you can to help her over the finish line." -Charli Wessinger, Lexington County Councilwoman, Chapin and Irmo

"Having grown up in the district herself, Haley Griggs cares passionately about the quality of the education our children receive. She is committed to restoring the district to its status as one of the best in the Southeast."

I work with Haley every day, so I can speak to her outstanding work ethic and dedication to her patients. She goes above and beyond to make sure that her patients receive the care they need.

 "Haley is a mother who has a vested interest in making sure that our tax dollars actually go towards improving educational opportunities for our children. 72% of property tax revenue is allocated to the school district. Unfortunately, all this money has not resulted in our students learning the skills they need to be successful upon graduation."

The curriculum needs to return to the basics, and a high school diploma should be a meaningful credential. To this end, teachers should be held accountable for student performance, and teachers who are struggling should receive remediation. The teachers who are doing a great job should be rewarded accordingly.

 "Haley Griggs is without a doubt exactly the type of person our community needs on our school board.  Vote for her on October 12th!" -Surb Guram, M.D.

 "Haley is an outsider with the right background and ideas for this point in time. I'm excited to support her for school board."  -Restaurateur Jay Kilmartin

"I'm excited to see Haley throw her name in the hat for the open seat in Richland County. Having known her as an athlete, a neighbor, a medical professional and as a friend, I am confident that her skill set is exactly what our district needs at this time. She adds a vital component to our board that is currently lacking and n intelligently speak to the situations that are most important as we balance educational pursuits, health, safety concerns and overall well-being of our children."  -Business and Community Leader Randy Dickey

"I'm proud to endorse Haley Griggs for school board. Haley knows that decision-making power in education must be squarely in the hands of parents and teachers, not unelected bureaucrats in Washington or Columbia. Her real world knowledge as a nurse practitioner will bring valuable medical insight to the board while we strive to return to normalcy. And Haley's embrace of the American ideals we all share will serve us well in the fight against divisive, hate filled curriculum like Critical Race Theory." -State Rep. RJ May

"Haley Griggs' perspective as a medical professional adds another layer of expertise and experience to the board. She supports parental choice for health decisions and will work together withe the district and community. She will be a strong asset to the Board of Trustees."  -District Five Parent Amye Hawkins

"I fully support Haley Griggs for Lexington-Richland 5 School Board member. She is articulate, kind and a great collaborator! You would be hard-pressed to find someone that embodies all of the endless qualities she has. She is full of integrity and good character. Haley loves this state, her local community and the school kids here in District 5. Get to know her, it is well worth it!"   -Pamela Godwin, SC Director, Women for Trump of Columbia

"As Christian, a medical professional and as one who believes in America's first freedoms, Haley brings the experience, knowledge, and values most needed at a time like this. I look forward to the future of Lex/Rich5 with Haley as the newest BOT member! "  -PhD candidate and Research Assistant Keely Daniels

"We are excited about Haley Griggs running for SD5 School Board! Having been fortunate to grow up in this District and then return for my children to experience the same is a blessing already. But to have an opportunity for fresh perspective as well as a unique background serving in the medical community, Haley is a candidate that our family couldn't be more thrilled to support. The expertise she will be able to bring to the Board in these trying times, as well as being a parent in the District too, it is invaluable as we move forward!"  -District Five parents Tyler and Heather Tucker

"Haley brings a component to our district that is highly beneficial in our current climate and fills a need on our board. Her medical education and background are essential to advocate for the vest interests of our children. Her dedication to liberty and the protection of our constitutional republic is what sets her apart as a representative for Richland County"  -District Five parent and business owner Adam Huneau

"After meeting Haley at a School Board meeting last year, I was ecstatic to hear she was running as a candidate in the School Board's Special Election. She brings a unique set of qualifications that will greatly give her the prospective to tackle issues facing our district. Not only is Haley a mother of a D5 student, she is also the wife of a retired Law Enforcement officer, the daughter-in-law of a former D5 Teacher of the year and a Nurse Practitioner. Those facets alone give her the ability to take prospective from all points of view... that of a parent, a student, a teacher, staff member and medical professional. Tie this all together, with her strong willingness to serve our community, and I've found my candidate!!!!"  -Jennifer Valek, District Five parent and Realtor

"Haley’s offerings are very much needed during these challenging times in our district. She brings a medical background, a genuine concern for our children and their education, and protecting parental autonomy. She has no times to the current or previous board. It’s a win win!!"  -District Five parent and activist Alan Wright

"Haley is a medical practitioner who believes that medical decisions should be left up to parents instead of elected and unelected officials. We need more like Haley on our school boards."  -Carter Hillen

“We need to trust that members of our districts Board of 'trustees' are worthy to take on the task of protecting our investment from being used to advance agendas that are contrary to the American ethos.
“That is why I support Haley Griggs for the District 5 School Board, because I believe that she will fight to preserve American values in the public school systems - the values that have made the United States of America the destination for anyone seeking opportunity, prosperity, and liberty the world over.” -Zoe Warren, Community Activist

"I am endorsing Haley Griggs for the Richland seat for Lex-Rich D5 because of her vast experience as a medical professional and parent in the school district. She believes that medical decisions should be left up to parents. She wants to use her position to bring our community together to be united and do what is best for all. Please join me in supporting Haley Griggs"  -Stacey D. Price, District 5 Parent

"I strongly support Haley Griggs for school board. Her knowledge as a medical professional, parent of a current D5 student and her American values make her the perfect candidate for this seat. She will be a tremendous asset to this board"  -Erin Holmes

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